Do not be misled by the unsubstantiated claims of other suppliers!

For Reliable, Robust Retrograde Transport, There's Only One Choice: RetroBeads™ from Lumafluor.

No matter what they call their products, only Retrobeads™ (regular and IX) from Lumafluor have been proven effective by hundreds of published papers in systems ranging from invertebrates to primates, and everything in between.

Lumafluor Retrobeads™:

Highly confined injections--superb for detailed connectivity studies. Persist indefinitely (> 1 year!) in living cells, nontoxic. Compatible with most other anterograde tracers, in situ hybridization, and immunohistochemsitry.


Retrobeads IX

deliver bioactive agents (such as neurotrophins and neurotransmitter agonists/antagonists) to localized regions; retrograde transport allows determining which neurons were exposed to the agents [Riddle et al. Nature 378:189, 1995 and Quattrochi et al. Science 245:984, 1989.]

Retrobeads IX

are specially prepared to facilitate adsorption of proteins and other bioactive compounds.

Retrobeads IX

are also more effective tracers in primate systems than standard

R180 Red Retrobeads™ IX (100ul)

RetroBeads Gamma Lumafuor是lumafuor公司的第一个反向示踪剂产品,也是唯一被证明有效的产品(该产品的有效性已被从无脊椎动物到哺乳动物的数百篇研究论文证实。

G180 Green Retrobeads™ IX (100ul)

高度受限的注射——非常适合详细的连通性研究。在活细胞中无限期存在(> 1 年!),无毒。与大多数其他顺行示踪剂、原位杂交和免疫组织化学兼容。

R170 Red Retrobeads™ (100ul)

对于可靠、稳健的逆行传输,只有一种选择:Lumafluor 的 RetroBeads™。